Photo dreaming…

I am really excited for my new camera to arrive.

I’m ready to play with taking photos of my jewelry and see what I can create.

I’m curious to try photographing food and see if I can do it anywhere near as beautifully as so many of the bloggers I visit.  If I do a quarter as well I’ll be thrilled.

I can’t wait to bring it along on my runs and bike rides.  So many photo opportunities there, I see them all the time and think, “I wish I’d brought a camera.”  Why didn’t I? I’ve been missing out!

I’m brand new to blogging, and I want to write about all these things – with photos.  That feels important.  And the blogs I enjoy most do it that way.  I’m really antsy to try it out.  Meanwhile, the blog stumbles along.  It will get better, honestly.  I hope…

Is it only Wednesday night?  Are we there yet?


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