Feeling clueless

Hurray, the camera is here!  Oh no, now I get to feel stupid!

I had no idea how little I knew.

I mean, I’ve always been able to take pictures.  I like to frame up a nice shot, point and shoot.  I’ve never really done much except use the Auto setting, though.  Now, trying to take closeups of jewelry and get everything right….oh man.  There is so much information on the web, and I’ve been reading it – maybe a little overwhelmed right now, in fact – and I haven’t yet gotten just what I want.
You can see my banner above.  That’s an attempt (one of many, of course, and the Chosen One for now. But I expect to do much, MUCH better!)

The beginning stages of learning something new.  Exciting, lots of possibilities (including the possibility of utter failure), frustrating, hopeful.  I have the information, I have the technology, I just have to apply myself and keep trying.  I KNOW I can get this.



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2 responses to “Feeling clueless

  1. You go girl! Just keep practicing and you will be amazed at what you can do! Let me know if you have a specific question and I can address it in my Tuesday Tips. Cheers! W~

  2. Carol

    Thank you so much, Wendy! I appreciate you stopping by and your encouragement. I’ll keep checking with you and also see if I have a specific question.

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