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Weird searches

I’ve read about these on other blogs – the strange things people are searching for that cause them to end up at your blog.

How about this one from the other day: “baked squirrel image.”

My questions:

1. Why?

2. Did you find one?

3. WHY???

Note: I will not be placing baked squirrel images on my blog in order to capture this demographic.

“Run away! Run away!”
"Run away!  Run away!"



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Blogging fail, plus squirrel photo

Persistent squirrel

Persistent squirrel

Well, heck. I don’t seem to be getting into the swing of blogging. I have never been a journaler, so maybe that should have been a clue (though I do like to write.)

I’ve baked several cookies, plus cupcakes, muffins, and a birthday dessert, since my last post. But do I write about it? Post the recipes? Take pictures?

I have beaded jewelry to show, but is any of it here? Um, no.

Move, oh do I move. Lots to say about that. Plus, it’s beautiful spring here in wine country, and I even have some great photos from my runs and hikes. Do you see them? I think we know the answer.

So, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll do something with this little blog place: get some fun posts up, recipes, photos, stuff like that. Because lord knows there’s not already enough of that on the web, right? Still, it might be fun. So let’s see if I do. Oh, the suspense, I know…

Comments welcome. For now, just a haiku in three parts:

Do I want to blog?
It’s funny, I thought I would
But nothing happens.

Recipes, I’ve got
Jewelry and plenty of it
Running, yoga, more

Yes, it all happens
But you wouldn’t know from here
Blog fail, is there hope?



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