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Well, hail


We just had a nice hailstorm. Doesn’t happen around here too often, so it’s pretty exciting. This is our teak patio table, dressed in ice.


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Holy Macro, it works!

Macro Mustard

I know this is kindergarten to many of you, but I had no idea I could do this before. It’s just on auto, set for macro, no editing. And the wind was even blowing a little bit, so it wasn’t perfectly still. To me, it’s fabulous. And it looked even better on full-screen – kind of shocked me when I saw it, actually.

I just never knew! It’s a whole new world…

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Feeling clueless

Hurray, the camera is here!  Oh no, now I get to feel stupid!

I had no idea how little I knew.

I mean, I’ve always been able to take pictures.  I like to frame up a nice shot, point and shoot.  I’ve never really done much except use the Auto setting, though.  Now, trying to take closeups of jewelry and get everything right….oh man.  There is so much information on the web, and I’ve been reading it – maybe a little overwhelmed right now, in fact – and I haven’t yet gotten just what I want.
You can see my banner above.  That’s an attempt (one of many, of course, and the Chosen One for now. But I expect to do much, MUCH better!)

The beginning stages of learning something new.  Exciting, lots of possibilities (including the possibility of utter failure), frustrating, hopeful.  I have the information, I have the technology, I just have to apply myself and keep trying.  I KNOW I can get this.


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Photo dreaming…

I am really excited for my new camera to arrive.

I’m ready to play with taking photos of my jewelry and see what I can create.

I’m curious to try photographing food and see if I can do it anywhere near as beautifully as so many of the bloggers I visit.  If I do a quarter as well I’ll be thrilled.

I can’t wait to bring it along on my runs and bike rides.  So many photo opportunities there, I see them all the time and think, “I wish I’d brought a camera.”  Why didn’t I? I’ve been missing out!

I’m brand new to blogging, and I want to write about all these things – with photos.  That feels important.  And the blogs I enjoy most do it that way.  I’m really antsy to try it out.  Meanwhile, the blog stumbles along.  It will get better, honestly.  I hope…

Is it only Wednesday night?  Are we there yet?

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Camera research madness is over, now I impatiently wait…

After finding out more than I knew was possible about digital cameras, and realizing to my dismay all that I wasn’t using on my now hopelessly broken Vivitar, I have ordered a new camera.  I can’t wait for it to arrive and to try out all I’ve been missing!

I settled on a Canon A590 IS.  I spent a lot of time poring over online specs and reviews for many cameras in the price range I wanted (under $150, yeah I know, nothing fancy) and finally honed in a few choices.  I ended up picking the A590 IS because it had all the basic features I wanted in a camera of that price range, plus the option for all manual control and adding lenses – in case I get more involved in photography or need something specific and want to have more control and range.  Plus, it rated high for photo quality – really the most important thing.  And I got a good price – lower than I had expected to pay.  I’m really excited!

I looked at several online review sites,  most of which were helpful, and found I spent the most time and had the easiest and most informative experience at Digital Camera Resource Page (

It’s supposed to show up in a few days.  I’ll be so glad to add in photos here, and to start taking good pictures of my jewelry!

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