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Holy Macro, it works!

Macro Mustard

I know this is kindergarten to many of you, but I had no idea I could do this before. It’s just on auto, set for macro, no editing. And the wind was even blowing a little bit, so it wasn’t perfectly still. To me, it’s fabulous. And it looked even better on full-screen – kind of shocked me when I saw it, actually.

I just never knew! It’s a whole new world…


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Camera research madness is over, now I impatiently wait…

After finding out more than I knew was possible about digital cameras, and realizing to my dismay all that I wasn’t using on my now hopelessly broken Vivitar, I have ordered a new camera.  I can’t wait for it to arrive and to try out all I’ve been missing!

I settled on a Canon A590 IS.  I spent a lot of time poring over online specs and reviews for many cameras in the price range I wanted (under $150, yeah I know, nothing fancy) and finally honed in a few choices.  I ended up picking the A590 IS because it had all the basic features I wanted in a camera of that price range, plus the option for all manual control and adding lenses – in case I get more involved in photography or need something specific and want to have more control and range.  Plus, it rated high for photo quality – really the most important thing.  And I got a good price – lower than I had expected to pay.  I’m really excited!

I looked at several online review sites,  most of which were helpful, and found I spent the most time and had the easiest and most informative experience at Digital Camera Resource Page (wwwdcresource.com).

It’s supposed to show up in a few days.  I’ll be so glad to add in photos here, and to start taking good pictures of my jewelry!

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